The City - September 2012

Smart investing in real estate still pays off

The market is what it is – there are many factors contributing to success. Apart from bonds, investments in real estate are still believed to be one of the safest. They, however, requires huge capital and, what is equally important, patience. Getting involved with such assets starts a process which usually may last at least a few years. This is why, when comparing results of each fund, which can be found in this issue of THE CITY, at least a few years periods should be taken into consideration.

Logistic companies and retail chains are looking for new space; developers are constructing the first metres speculatively. It is only expensive and hard to get money that is stopping developers – you will find the analysis of the storage space market within this issue.  

Central and Eastern Europe offers favourable conditions to the BPO sector and is beginning to compete in that field with India or China. Apart from relatively low service charges for business centres situated in this part of the world, other advantages of Central and Eastern Europe are: cultural proximity with the Western Europe countries and the USA as well as the increasing level of services provided. Poland is currently the fastest-growing location in the BPO field, and outsourcing companies are becoming important tenants and employers in many large cities.

However, not only office space tenants are facing new opportunities and challenges. Internet shopping is the future and the faster retail chains realise it and enter this segment of the market, the better for them. It does not meant, however, that the traditional sales model will change – only the proportion of online transactions to those made in real world may change. One thing is certain – retail chains will not loose. It is shopping centres which may turn out to be the greatest victims of digital shopping.



Facing the sun
People no longer want to work in concrete surroundings. Office tenants ask about opening windows, catering facilities and green surroundings – says Kinga Nowakowska, Head of Asset Management, Sales and Marketing at Capital Park interviewed by Magdalena Fabijańczuk-Antkowicz.......…………46
Be online or die!
The saying: “If you are not on the Internet, you don't exist”, may soon take a very literal meaning in respect of tenants in shopping centres as the traditional sales model may turn out to be no longer effective.........................................................................................48

The warehouses market caught its breath
Logistic companies and retail chains are looking for new space, developers are building the first metres speculatively. It is only expensive and hard to get money that is stopping developers.…………52

Funds investing in real estate earn money
“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get,” Warren Buffett, a well-know American investor and business used to say. There is also a common saying that there are no investments without the risk. The later, however, might be minimised with one still counting on a decent profit..……….56



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