The City - March 2014

Poland continuesto be attractive

The Polish real estate market is already mature and demanding.Obviously, Great Britain, Germany and France remain key markets forinvestors, but,the investors were strongly interested in our country.

According to Colliers International,currently in Poland, there already are9.84 million sqm of modern retail space. Further 690,000 sqm are under development.

The office buildings under constructionmay boast a total of 1 million sqm.The supply of office space to be deliveredin 2014 has been estimated for 600,000sqm. Currently, there are also nearly 707,000 sqm of industrial space underconstruction, out of which 90% havebeen already leased. Moreover, for yearsthe turnover in the market of investmentsin commercial property has not beenso high as in 2013 when investors spentapprox. EUR 3.4 billion in Poland. Theforecasts for 2014 look just as well. Itsvery beginning resulted with news aboutsome spectacular transactions. New landfor investment also enjoys equally highpopularity in Poland; we expect a marketrecovery after all these lean years. Investorspurchase mainly land for residentialpurposes. Will they manage to come closeto the record levels of 2006 this year?

In Poland, a lot is also invested in historicbuildings which may become valuableassets after they have been restoredto their former glory and adapted to theneeds of the market, as described in thearticle in this issue. However, no investmentcan be created in a vacuum andproper spatial planning is of increasingimportance.

In this issue, we also talk with entrepreneursthat have been operating in themarket for many years, such as Sephora,and those who are entering it very boldly,such as Fabryka Biznesu.

We wish you enjoyable reading andsuccessful business in Poland.


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