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Cushman & Wakefield Expands newCommerce Service

Cushman & Wakefield is expanding its newCommerce service into EMEA to help retail clients succeed as technology evolves, omni-channel shopping advances and the barriers between physical stores and digital platforms erode.

The newCommerce service brings together Cushman & Wakefield’s market-leading retail services platform with its logistics and supply chain solutions to enable established bricks-and-mortar retailers, internet-only brands, and companies in-between, to successfully navigate the new retail landscape.

newCommerce addresses specific retailer challenges and opportunities, including:

  • how to compete or partner effectively with online-only retail giants,
  • optimising distribution networks for current and anticipated consumer needs,
  • integrating retail and logistics real estate strategies,
  • internet-only retailers considering building a physical store presence,
  • whether to lease or own retail and logistics assets,
  • whether to fulfil orders directly or use third-party logistics providers (3PLs),
  • the future role for retail real estate such as shopping centres and retail parks in the logistics cycle. 

Initially launched in the US earlier in the year, the new service’s name acknowledges the fact that retail has been irrevocably changed by the rise of eCommerce. Online sales are expected to rise 94 pct by 2021 and Cushman & Wakefield analysis forecasts a 69 pct growth in European parcel volumes over the same period.

The global cost of last mile delivery is as high as EURO 70bn and forecast to grow 7-10 pct over the next five years. Significant investment will be required in online fulfilment, distribution centres and the technology necessary to facilitate next-day and same-day shipping. At the same time, however, nearly two-thirds (59%) of millennials say a nearby physical store presence is important to them when buying online.

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