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Cresa about the investment market in Poland

Jędrzej Suchowolec

Jędrzej Suchowolec, Senior Advisor, Cresa Poland: At the current stage of the market cycle the most sought-after investment products are office buildings in prime locations, not only in Warsaw, and retail schemes with dominant positions in their respective regions.

Poland has attractively-priced properties compared to Western Europe. In addition, the investment risk associated with prime real estate is acceptable even to the most conservative investors such as German pension funds. There is also a strong demand but a limited supply of top-quality assets. As a result, as many as several positively screened investors interested in acquisition participate in the second round of bidding for large commercial real estate. We expect real estate prices to hit new record highs in upcoming months.

Properties put on sale attract varied levels of interest. Due to low interest rates across Europe and availability of cheap money, leading to downward pressure on yields, investors need to choose schemes that offer an income growth potential in order to gain returns they are looking for. That’s why the most sought-after properties are those that can be extended or those where new tenants can be brought in to create an added value both to the client and the investor.Secondary schemes with no growth potential attract the least interest and often cannot find buyers immediately after their delivery to the market.

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