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Panattoni for Orbico Supply

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, will build a dedicated facility for the Orbico Supply company belonging to the Orbico group - a distributor of globally known brands of the FMCG sector, small household appliances or HoReCa. The 25,000 sqm warehouse will be built in Teresin and the tenant will move into it in February 2021. The transaction was mediated by the JLL.

Panattoni will tailor 25,000 sqm for Orbico Supply in Teresin, with possible expansion for additional 13,000 sqm. From the near Warsaw warehouse, the company will supply retail chains and shops with body care products, cosmetics, household chemicals, food products, small home appliances, shoes, clothes and toys from such FMCG market leaders as Procter & Gamble or Kellogg’s.

"The new centre will allow us to optimize and increase the efficiency of our distribution activities. The capacity of warehouse is bigger as it would be needed today, with the intention to expand the current distribution business with additional logistics services for external partners. There, we will consolidate operations carried out so far in Sochaczew and Błonie, while providing employees with a location close to the current one. This facility will present a breakthrough in Orbico group logistics since the part of warehouse will be fully automated. For Orbico this is pilot project and first step to the world of automatization. We believe that here in Teresin we are creating great new journey in cooperation with Panattoni and with support from JLL" - Igor Šprajcar, Vice-President of Orbico Group explains the choice of place from Orbico Supply.

Tailored warehouse. Built in the BTS formula, the facility will have nearly 25,000 sqm of which slightly over 1,000 sqm has been allocated for the office. Due to stored products, the building will have increased fire resistance above 4000 MJ/sqm. To meet the investor's expectations, the net height of the hall will be increased up to 12 metres, which will provide an additional level of storage. As mentioned, part of the space will also be used as automated warehouse. The facility will be certified in the BREAAM system at the GOOD level. The tenant will move into it in February 2021.

Panattoni specializes in tailor-made industrial facilities.Karolina Bartuś Senior Leasing Manager from Panattoni explains: - "These projects always require close cooperation between the developer and the client. It was similar in this case. To implement solutions dedicated to the company, the investment required the full commitment of both parties from the very beginning. At the design stage, it was possible to prepare the hall for automation, which will significantly improve the logistics processes in the warehouse. We closed the whole process in six months thanks to our experience and customer-oriented approach."

“Cooperation with Orbico was a unique challenge for us. There are very experienced people, with specific needs and requirements, who were involved with this project and enabled the transaction to be successfully completed in a relatively short time. Orbico needed a tailor-made solution, and a key element was having the right schedule for preparing the hall for the installation of an automatic system. Panattoni is a company well-known for implementing such advanced projects and offered the most flexible solution. We are very happy and would like to congratulate both sides on this successful transaction" - comments Norbert Kowalczyk, Consultant, JLL.

BTS Orbico Supply will be built in the Teresin commune, the third zone of the Warsaw region. The investment will be located near DK92 at a distance of approx. 26 km from the existing Wiskitki junction on the A2 Motorway.

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