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The Breeam In-Use certificate for 3 Stawy S/C

CH 3Stawy, Katowice.

Apsys Polska, the investor in and manager of shopping centres, has been granted the first-in-Poland Breeam In-Use certificate. The certificate was given to the 3 Stawy shopping centre in Katowice.

The first operating building and at the same time the first operating shopping centre in Poland, to be granted this certificate, is the 3 Stawy sopping centre from Katowice. Owing to the involvement of the asset manager of 3 Stawy - Apsys, and its close cooperation with the owner - Union Investment, the building, which was constructed in 1999, had undergone a number of modernisations which made it pro-ecological and increased its value.

During the certification process, 3 Stawy was given the highest marks in three areas: efficient use of energy and water, origin of the materials used and disposal of waste and sewage.

“Within the last two years we made many investments, thanks to which our building is more environment-friendly, consumes less energy and water," says Agnieszka Nizio, the director of 3 Stawy. “The best example is the modernisation of the underground car park lighting system done by Apsys. Maintaining the same light intensity level, we managed to decrease energy consumption in that part of the building by 74 percent,” Agnieszka Nizio adds. Apsys has modernised the exterior car park and elevation lighting as well, achieving a 35-percent decrease in energy consumption. Decrease in water consumption was achieved by installing photocell-controlled bathroom fixtures and two-button toilet flushing sets. The previous ventilation and air condition system in the 3 Stawy shopping centre was replaced with a new one, controlled by the so-called BMS (Building Management System) - a computer system of buildings and its facilities management. Not only does it control the temperature of the air inside the building, but also manages water and energy consumption levels. In the near future, the further extension of the system with additional function is planned. Moreover, Apsys adapted 3 Stawy to the EU requirements concerning substances used to cooling buildings. The changes introduced generated saving of 20 percent altogether.

Union Investment Real Estate AG is the owner of 3 Stawy. Apsys Polska sp. z o.o., belonging to Apsys Group, is the asset manager.

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