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Rondo Park – a new retail investment in Słupsk

Rondo Park, Slupsk.

A company from Warsaw is working on the concept of a new shopping centre in Slupsk, which the local investor wants to construct. Within a year, it will be known when will the idea be realised - stated the Strefa Biznesu portal.

The idea applies mainly to a post-military area of over 37 000 sqm, situated by the Bohaterów Westerplatte and Gdyńska streets, vis-a-vis Akademia Pomorska. The concept of its development is prepared by Resco International from Warsaw, which has entered an agreement with the investor, concerning project management of Rondo Park Retail Park in Słupsk.

The concept prepared by Resco International involves that Rondo Park will consist of a supermarket with area of 1.5 – 1.8 thousand sqm, a car park with 300 parking spaces and a number of buildings which will house cafes, a restaurant and a few chain stores with areas from 300 to 400 sqm.

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