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NAP Invest Group to build a shopping centre in Sochaczew

NAP Invest Group wants to construct a modern shopping centre in Sochaczew. Centrum Zakupów Nowa Mleczarnia (New Dairy Shopping Centre) which is to be constructed at the site of the former dairy in Traugutta Street may completely change the image of the town.

The investor in the land of the former dairy - NAP Invest Group, wants to construct the shopping centre with an area of over 6,000 sqm. Inside, there will be place for a grocery store and at least 20 shops – mainly clothing ones, but also a pharmacy, services points, catering and maybe some offices.

“On the ground floor, there will also be a restaurant with outdoor seating and a publicly-open square in front of the building. The underground car park, which will be accessible from the first floor through an escalator, will house around 150 cars. We have been thinking for a long time about the name of the place. There were a few proposals, yet we are getting more and more inclined to the name ‘Nowa Mleczarnia’ (The New Dairy) which is the clearest reference to the story of the location,” said Bogdan Żołnierzak, CEO of NAP Invest Group.

Executive of NAP Invest Group stress that the construction of the centre will start as soon as possible, that is after getting the building permit. “We would like to start the construction in the first half of the next year. If everything goes according to the schedule, Nowa Mleczarnia will welcome the first visitors a year later. The centre of Sochaczew will gain a new beautiful and functional building,” Bogdan Żołnierzak concluded.

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