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Makrum S/C getting closer

Makrum, Bydgoszcz.

Makrum Development sp. z o.o., the investor in the Makrum shopping centre (currently under construction), the largest one in the Bydgoszcz area, has signed an agreement with Mayor of Bydgoszcz concerning the reconstruction of the road infrastructure around the centre and a letter of intent with a potential investor interested in purchasing shares in the company. He also submitted application for the building permit.

The agreement concerning the reconstruction of the road infrastructure around the Makrum shopping centre was signed on 3 October 2011. “We did another step, getting us closer to the opening of Makrum,” comments Rafał Jerzy, CEO of Makrum Development. “We agreed exactly which works will be done by us as the investor and which by the city”. The agreement thoroughly regulates technical issues of the planned transport investments. Costs of projects for all the work will be covered by the investor.

Makrum Development has already submitted application for building permit in Bydgoszcz’s City Hall. The application involves the scheme with shopping, service and dining functions.

The investor in Makrum has also signed the letter of intent with the potential buyer of shares in Makrum Development, the leading company in the market in Bydgoszcz. “The partner we are talking with is a company with experience in the commercial real property market from Luxembourg,” Rafał Jerzy says.

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