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JLL: Poland and Czech unchallenged as top retail markets of the region

Beatrice Mouton, Head of Retail CEE, JLL

Poland, among others owing to its population, is the most dynamically developing retail market in Central Europe, both in terms of the number of projects under construction and those undergoing redevelopment and refurbishment. It is worth noting that in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, despite a decline in the number of new retail projects, there is a stronger tendency to modernise, redevelop and extend existing schemes which are ageing - Beatrice Mouton, Head of Retail CEE, JLL

New investments in Czech and Slovakia, usually retail parks, are mostly built in small cities between 30,000 and 50,000 inhabitants. Retail chains are still cautious about expansion and analyse potential locations very carefully. Top shopping centres in capitals or other large cities are most popular for tenants. New brands expand (directly or under franchising license) to Poland, Czech or Slovakia alike. Retail streets are also gaining in meaning, although it is worth noting that this kind of retail destinations, both in terms of popular and luxurious brands, is the most developed in Prague, followed by Budapest and then Warsaw. Prague, with a very high, fifth position in tourism rankings, ranked ninth in Europe as an attractive location for international chains to expand. To conclude, Poland and Czech continue to be major retail markets in CEE and record the highest tenant activity in the region.- says Beatrice Mouton, Head of Retail CEE, JLL

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