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Galeria Chełmska is not jeopardised; the investor is looking for a new general contractor

Galeria Chełmska.

“The construction of Galeria Chełmska is not at risk, people of Chełm will do their shopping there,” ensures Artur Dziewa, CEO of the company that will construct the shopping centre at Rejowiecka Street. This is the reaction of the investor for rumours concerning difficulties in the construction of Galeria Chełmska. The investor is gathering further tenants of the centre.

The speculations concerning problems with realisation of the shopping centre were the result of a report by Interbud-Lublin SA, published at the end of the last week. The representatives of the company informed, that the contract for general contractorship between Interbud-Lublin SA and Galeria Chełmska Sp. z o.o. has become null and void since the investor has not been granted the loan for the realisation of the shopping centre.

Regardless of the above-mentioned preparation to the construction, Galeria Chełmska is expanding by further stores and services points. More than 70 percent of the leasable area is already let.

Galeria Chełmska is a modern shopping and entertainment centres to be constructed in Chełm between Rejowiecka and Lubelska streets. The leasable area of the entire complex is over 30,000 sqm. The customers will be able to use a car park with 800 spaces. There will be 80 stores and service points in Galeria Chełmska. DTZ is responsible for commercialisation of the premises.

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