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Property Book

Property Book 2016



Coraz wyższa poprzeczka na rynku powierzchni handlowych / The bar is set high in the retail market

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Property Book 2015

Pięć minut najemcy

Przedstawiamy Państwu kolejną, czwartą już edycję magazynu „Property Book”, która jest dla nas okazją do analizy rynku nieruchomości w Polsce.

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Property Book 2014

Real propertymarket isgrowing stronger The previous two years in the Polish realproperty market were a time of systematicrecovery. Nobody hoped (or hopes) for anabrupt increase of market indicators; actuallythere is no such need. Properties need strongeconomy and sustainable demand, while excesses,like those dating back to the end of the pastdecade, usually don’t have positive effects in thelong term.

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Property Book 2013

A bit of stabilization

In these few words you can describe the situation in the commercial real estate market in 2012 and what is in store for 2013. It is true that the industry was heavily affected by the Eurozone crisis, which translates into a serious lack of decisiveness among tenants in all sectors. It is echoed by analysts and economist who forecast a difficult first half of the year. However, almost everyone is hoping for a rebound in the second half of the year. It might not be a stunning change, but a rebound within our current capabilities, so to say. The change, however, is to be distinct and mark improvement. The first signs of it have already appeared.

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Real Estate Review 2012

Quality comes first. The data concerning the Polish economy are better than expected. In 2011, GDP amounted to 4.3 percent, placing Poland among top European economies. The Economist observed that someone forgot to tell Poles that we still have the crisis. Certainly, most of them are aware of that fact. It however means a good atmosphere for investments in Poland. The number of investments currently underway may serve as a confirmation. In this publication we present over 100 most important investments in retail, office and warehouse real estates in the country. We invited top companies related to the commercial real estate industry to cooperation: DTZ, Ernst & Young, and TPA Horwath...

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