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The City - September 2013

Revolving door

The past months in the property market have seen some increased activity in the HR departments of many firms. Specialists change their employers and the market is making intensive preparations for projects that are to start in Q4 this year.

The labour market in the commercial real estate industry is very specific and, for years, it has been limited to several thousand specialists in Poland. The available employee pool is not boundless; nonetheless, a lot is going on there. In our cover story you will find out which firms are recruiting and which are 'donating' experienced specialists.

A lot is going on in the industrial market, which seemed divided between a few major players. However, it turns out that smaller firms are trying to snatch something for themselves and are preparing expansions. We talk to Radosław T. Krochta, Vice-President of MLP Group, about its development plans.

We have also decided to have a look at Polish shopping streets, which cannot escape the shadow of dominating shopping centres. It might change along with the development of cities, restoration of historic areas and inflow of tourists. The process is slow, but together with new investments, retail is coming out on the streets more and more boldly.

In order to attract clients to a store in a prestigious shopping street or in a centre, there must be some proper brands available. There is nothing better than luxurious and premium brand stores to kindle the imagination of the buyers. Currently, in Poland there are 68 percent of the world's luxurious and top-shelf brands. After the opening of the Louis Vuitton boutique in Warsaw, further fashion houses are thinking about entering the Polish market. They will be fighting for available space with developing foreign and domestic brands. It is about 2.75 million customers and their budget exceeding PLN 200 billion.


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