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The City - September 2011

The City - wrzesień 2011

Necessity is mother of invention

Everyday, media inform about alarming developments in the financialmarket, many countries' national debt and various solutions how to save thesituation. In those circumstances, entrepreneurs must really be stress-resistant.It might be therefore worthwhile to choose a strategy and prepare for differentscenarios. Thinking about future needs and tendencies in the market might be agood idea.

Recently, sustainable development has become a very popular topic. It isinteresting, whether it is merely a trend, a necessity or a good deal. Probablyall of these. Ecology might be very popular, particularly if it is profitable.What can convince to being pro-ecological is savings. Ecology and sustainabledevelopment sell well. Sustainable development is not a temporary fashion; itseems to be a permanent direction of development.

Shopping centres are also required to provide something more than onlyretail functions. They are becoming urban space. For the inhabitants of a city,they mean additional parking spaces, meeting and leisure places – leisureunderstood as something more than consumption of everyday products. The menualready offers art. Art exhibitions are no longer restricted to galleries –they have reached shopping centres as well. Moreover, customers are hungry fornovelty; therefore, the new brands entering the Polish market will make thecompetition even harder. The fight for the hearts and wallets of Poles will nolonger take place only in shopping centres and on hoardings but also, or maybeprimarily, in the internet. 

Those facilities are for the people. Both shopping centres and officebuildings meet specific requirements and fulfil certain functions. No longerare they merely a workplace in the case of offices or a shopping place in thecase of shopping centres. Those needs shape real property and require theinvestors and designers to look more broadly and further.


Unconventional shopping
On unusual shopping concepts, choosing locations for new venues and the expansion of the chain in thePolish market , we talk with Joan Rodriguez, Real Estate Manager at Desigual .

Are Polish people ready for the entry of newbrands?
As far as expansion isconcerned , is analysed by over a thousand retailers . In the era of intensive developmentof retail chains in Poland , many companies are concerned with the question whetherPoland is ready for new brands .

There comes a time inthe life of every shopping centre , when necessary changes must be made .Refurbishment & redevelopment is a new trend , which we are going toobserve increasingly often in the Polish retail property market .

In the pursuit of a certificate
Green offices , sustainable development , LEED and BREEAM certificatesand ecological solutions has lately become very popular issues arising in theretail property industry .

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