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The City - October 2015

Leasing requires a lot of thinking

Poland has a very strong leading position in the region. The office and industrial sectors are developing dynamically. The retail market is maturing and tenants have increasing expectations for real properties. What does it mean? Growing competition and, consequently, greater attention to detail and quality. A well-built office building or a shopping centre is no longer enough.

Intuition and empathizing with the needs of clients are also required. The client is most important. Previously, developers used to determine a minimum surface area to be leased by a single business. Nowadays, everyone is a client, even a freelancer who needs a desk for three hours a day. This allows for a fast development of the coworking space service. A few years ago, owners of office buildings in London wanted to outsource that service. However, they quickly realised that it was a great image-building tool and now they manage it themselves. This allows smaller businesses to build up a market presence and introduces a certain dose of variety to Warsaw office buildings. Such opportunity for cooperation provides a creative atmosphere for everyone. It can also provide landlords with tenants and minimise vacancies in a building. The latter argument is particularly important, especially in times of oversupply, when funds purchase only fully leased office buildings with signed agreements. And only the best assets have a chance for that.






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