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The City - May 2013

The more the merrier

If you cannot do something on your own, you must look for a partner. It will be particularly useful in those difficult times which require limiting risk.

 Public institutions also seem to recall that two is better than one and are more and more eager to enter Public-Private Partnership projects. This is not happening on as a big scale as in the UK, but the change in officials’ approach is visible – although there are still some tendencies to burden the private entity with all responsibility. More about the second youth of PPP can be found in our cover story.

True partnership should be for better or worse. This is the assumption of Anna Malarczyk, Managing Director of Futureal in Poland. She talks about cooperation between private partners in the exclusive interview for THE CITY.

A good and strong companion can come in hand, especially in difficult situations. Although the spring is blooming behind windows, the investment market has not thawed yet. In this issue we present the analysis of the first quarter and forecasts announcing recovery in the months to come.

Particularly developers, who provide great amounts of office space, are waiting for good weather. Stanislav Frnka, Managing Director at HB Reavis Polska tells us how to cope on such a competitive market, especially when one is just buildings the position in Poland.

There are also those, who do not care about the economy slowing down and are moving ahead at full speed. Among the latter, there are discount stores, which earn lots of money on their range of cheap products. Maciej Karwowski, sociologist, psychologist and the head of the research team at Millward Brown tells about changes in the retail market.

As usually, we also invite you to get familiar with the fresh news from the market and comments of practitioners and experts, who announce who projects and share their thoughts on current events.

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