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The City - May 2012

Sustainable development – it pays off

The world is turning green not only outside the window; an increasing number of developers decides to develop “green buildings” and to certify them, which is what sustainable development means. In this issue we decide to check how sustainable development looks in Poland and against the European background. We will also try to answer the question whether companies dealing with sustainable development do it consciously. We will also take a closer look on ecological certificates available in the Polish marker; how they are awarded and implemented.

The fact that interesting concepts and projects are created not only in Europe is confirmed in our conversation with Marwan A. Shehadeh, Development Director at Al-Futtaim, a company that bets on construction of modern retail, office and residential complexes in the Middle East Countries. The idea of a city within a city has finally come true.

Public Private Partnership is not a really widespread phenomenon in Poland. Voices arise that it is still treated negatively due to the closeness of business and the public sphere, yet it is impossible to have your cake and eat it at the same time. We will try to outline this problem.

 We also talk to Antoni Krzątała, CEO at BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland on the company’s strategy in the Polish market, the specificity of the industry and benefits of belonging to an international giant, which translate into current operations. Finally, in this issue we give the floor to specialists who will present the complicated process of title search as an essential element of the investment process.


City in a city and a shopping centre within
Marwan A. Shehadeh, Group Director, Corporate Development at Al Futtaim presents the shopping centre market in the Middle East and talks about Festival City projects of the future, namely cities in a city, in which shopping centres will play an important part.………40
Public Private Partnership – it works
Only recently has PPP started performing properly in Poland and there still are many voices that in the 'west' it works better and more efficiently. However, Rome was not built in a day; let us check how PPP functions in Poland....……………42

Imaginations is more important than knowledge
Do any of you know what Public Private Partnership really is? I don’t think so. And do you know any project realised under PPP?  I would also have problem with finding such a project, especially a good one. ...…………45

A new old player in the market
Antoni Krzątała, CEO at BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland tells us about the company’s strategy in the Polish market, the specificity of the industry and benefits of belonging to an international giant, which translate into current operations.……….46

Real estate due diligence a vital element of the investment process
It is a common practice on the real estate market to conduct an investigation (also called a due diligence) of the legal status of real estate prior to its acquisition for investment purposes. Investors in Poland soon adopted the principle that such an investigation should be one of the first elements of their transactions..……….49

Is green building a standard in the commercial real estate market in Poland?
Involvement of investors shows that development of certified buildings is not a temporary fashion but rather a solution that brings measurable profits both to owners of and tenants in those buildings. Everything indicates that this market will develop dynamically and certificates for buildings may be called standard.........50

Environmental certificates step by step
Even four or five years ago few developers took care about gaining an environmental certificate. Currently, there is no month without any larger player boasting about getting a certificate or starting the procedure to obtain it.. ……….54


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