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The City - May 2011

The City - maj 2011

Shopping at a stadium

The ‘the more the better’ rule does no longer work inthe global economy. The consumption is already at such a high level, thatnatural resources are not enough. Programs in the British TV under the label of"super cheapskate" are a sign of times. They show us how to recoverfrom shopaholism, excessive consumption and generally spend less for one’sliving. 

The idea of LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health andSustainability), which involves care for the economic development protectingthe environment and human health at the same time, is increasingly popular.Those changes are reflected in the needs, products and eventually shopping –responsible shopping.  The awareness ofpurchasers is growing. The number of people, who are aware of and responsiblefor the environment, is increasing. Retail chains, willing, nilling, must keepup with the changes. A good product is not enough. Nowadays, the ecology andthe shopping experience count for more.

In case of lack of experiences, one might go to a footballstadium. Stadiums have become a potential location for shopping and services.Their visitability is as high as the one of shopping centres. Are any shopsthere? Perhaps. The commercialisation of a few is already underway. Unlesshooligans destroy them, the opportunities will be there.

Music might be helpful. It is widely known that musicsoothes the savage beast, but it also ‘opens the wallets’ of customers. Goodmood is equally important to a good product. 

As it turns out, we can always count on the visitorsfrom abroad, who come to Poland for various reasons and, what is interesting,quite often only to do the shopping in Polish shopping centres. 


Moscow is “the city of many mosts”. Splendour and luxury attract customers withthicker wallets and limitless credit cards, who, in turn, are a magnet for tenants.............46

The visitors from abroad are looked forward to in Polish hotels, restaurants andshopping centres. Especially the latter try to attract the widest range offoreign customers.......49

Currently, many modern sports and recreational venues are being constructed inPoland. It is worth to examine the ideas for exploiting the potential of sportsarenas, which would be attractive for both tenants and customers.......52


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