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The City - March 2015

The competition is not asleep

New technologies, innovative projects, entrepreneurs and investors make the real property market in Poland develop at an extremely fast pace, as confirmed by the media and analytical companies in their reports.

The functioning of the market is already more similar to mature markets than emerging markets, to which Poland still belongs. Maturity requires a global perspective, including trends and planning for many years ahead. There are many examples to confirm this thesis in articles and interviews in this issue of The City.

The mechanism, which compels to optimal property management also forces us to create new products and make users familiar with how to use them. An office building can no longer be just an office building, just as a shopping centre. The fact that buildings must be ecological is obvious. The time has come for tenants who can find ecological rules and guidelines in their lease agreements.

Looking for a more perfect and profitable product, investors refer not only to ecology or economy. They also look up to the urbanism rules, in the case we present – new urbanism. There is only one conclusion. Players in the Polish real property market cannot slow down, because the competition is not asleep.


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