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The City - March 2011

The City - March 2011

In the land of... Arcadia 
Our talks to the foreign investors show that Poland is a perfect place to run a business. The interview in this issue of the magazine confi rms it. It is worth remembering, however, that in the times of globalisation, the capital chooses the most convenient ways, and according to economists and market analysts, these lead to … China and India.
Nowadays, one does not have to cross the Silk Route to do some shopping. Nevertheless, reaching a shopping centre might prove quite a challenge. The investors meet the expectations and attempt to adjust the transport infrastructure, while city authorities try to arrange road investments. The problem is, as always, in the details. Revitalisation of existing schemes is an uneasy task. It requires cooperation, lots of money and patience. There are probably better ways to achieve the goal, yet the revitalised scheme’s value added, which consist of the history of the location, loyalty of the local inhabitants and the prestige of the modernises building, cannot be overestimated.

When shopping, it is possible to buy some bread, china cups or, if the need arises … an elephant. The fact that such needs do arise is proven by the icon of department stores - Harrods. It is Arabian sheikhs’ luxurious field for spending millions and a local multi-branch store for the inhabitants of the district at the same time. A very peculiar concept, which would be rather diffi cult to transfer to the Polish market. Although, according to reports, Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive market for luxury goods. More and more often, luxury goods appear in shopping centres. Variety of products, availability of retail schemes and E-commerce give many alternatives, which the customers use. Gaining their loyalty has its price, which is the loyalty programmes. When that price is too high to pay, entrepreneurship is the solution. The sword of creativity and the shield of resourcefulness should be the weapons of small entrepreneurs. Enjoy the reading.


Most of the Tenants are very professional
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In the land of fantasy
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Who will build the road?
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Luxury in a shopping centre
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