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The City - June 2011

The City - czerwiec 2011

Free choice

In the era of iPods and iPads, one must have something other peopledon't and do something other people don't. The globalised world is looking foruniqueness. One must stand out to get noticed. It turns out, that the loyaltyof consumers is decreasing. People are more inclined to change, check and testeverything. When they find a product, which meets their expectations, they donot hesitate to change their habits.

That tendency to change is an opportunity for energy companies and theircustomers.Owing to new regulations, people might become active participants in themarket. Both shopping centres and tenants are able to choose energy suppliers.The more energy a given company needs the more money it will save because ofthe possibility to choose the supplier. Since shopping centres need muchenergy, the savings might be quite considerable. Most managers realise thatpro-ecological activities and trends, which focus on reducing energyconsumption, are not a whim but rather a result of a simple economiccalculation.

Investors’ calculations increasingly often suggest leasing as analternative source of property financing. The mental limitations, such asattachment to a property or the feeling of ‘selling out ancestral property’,are still there, but they are being overcome.  

In the rapidly changing environment, which consists of a network ofone’s personal relationships, success in business depends on the supply oftrust. Customers equipped with modern technology and fast means ofcommunication might choose nearly any product anywhere in the world. It is noteasy – gaining trust and attracting attention for a longer period of time – butit is possible, as the number of those ‘faithful' to Apple productsdemonstrates.


The transformation of the polish market forced by the European law hasbeen functioning since July 1st, 2007. The question is, however, does thechange of the electricity supplier really modify the situation in one’s Wallet?..................46

A customer, who is doing the shopping, is influenced by many factorswhen choosing a product. What happens when a shopping centre becomes thecustomer?................48

When a turnover of tenants start to fall, the manager must react quickly. Andrange of his possibilities is quite considerable……51

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