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The City – February 2013

He, who moves not forward, goes backward

This is what the great author from Weimar said, and if we add words of another respected ancient philosopher: everything flows, there is only one conclusion – changes, changes, changes.

Welcome in the new version of The City. New layout, attractive format and unique contents of the highest quality – all that to give the readers as much satisfaction as possible. We also encourage you to check the newest information, provided on a daily basis by: portal, mobile app and our newsletter.

To be up to date is what these times require; it is worthwhile to spend a few moments and get familiar with analytic texts, opinions and comments of others participants in the market – and this is exactly what The City magazine offers you.

Let us say it openly: We, the journalists, observe, analyse, inform; and we try to do it as good as possible, yet it is you, our readers, who create the real estate market, planning and deciding on investments we write about. Experience of market practicians is invaluable and it is worth to share it. We dedicate a lot of space in our magazine for interviews with the industry leaders. We present comments and opinions of people who know the ins and outs of the market and we also invite those who are willing to share their observations to our columns. We want The City to become a place for opinions and views clashing, where it is also possible to become familiar with the most recent trends and forecasts. It’s time to set immovables in motion.


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