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The City - February 2012

Safe investments

The year 2012 will not be a watershed year for the Polish economy. Hence the branch of commercial real estate should not expect a great revolution. Polish economy will continue to grow although according to analysts’ and financiers’ forecasts the growth will be more slowly compared to 2011. Nevertheless, the real estate market is still a good place to invest, what can be seen on the example of shopping malls’ developers. According to the forecasts of market analysis companies, in 2012, almost half a million of commercial space will be put to use, out of which nearly 1/3 will be located in the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Broader analysis of the 8 largest cities on the Vistula river, as well as information about their demand and supply of retail space , will be presented in this edition.

The abovementioned 50 thousand sq metres must be designed by someone, we are talking to an architect and the President of Arch Magic, Paweł Graliński, about how to design modern shopping centres and what is the role of ecology in this.

A growing supply of office, retail and warehouse space is connected to the safety of its users, what is the concern of a manager. Therefore, we are checking what, from the managers’ perspective, is essential in this matter and what especially attracts their attention in the facilities they “take care of”.

Unfortunately, the investment process in Poland is complicated in itself, when we add to it the problems that an investor may encounter, caused by conflicts with land owners’ descendants or social organizations, which, having taken the investment at gunpoint, can successfully hinder and delay its realization, what leads to slow down of the whole enterprise. A case study on the example of  Złote Tarasy in Warsaw, which is available in this issue, perfectly captures the essence of the problem.


Big cities, little space
A trend in the Polish market may be observed now - developers turn their attention to medium-sized cities and look for places under their investments there. Only few decide for expansion to the largest agglomerations. Let us check if the market in the 8 largest cities in Poland is really supersaturated with retail space...…………42

Magic of architecture or is it easy to design a shopping centre
Paweł Graliński, an architect and CEO at Arch Magic, tells us about trends in designing modern shopping centres, the role of ecology and which projects give the greatest satisfaction.……………46

Shopping centres: safety
High-risk zones may appear in any area with a large concentration of people. Shopping centres undoubtedly are among such places. One can say that risk is an inherent trait of these buildings..…………49

Offices: safety
Office buildings are complicated structures, not only because of their architecture and modern technologies inside, but primarily because of the number of people who spend their time there everyday. Similarly to shopping centres, those buildings require a comprehensive system of safeties in case of danger. ……….52

Warehouses: safety
In the case of warehouses, ensuring all the safety means seems easier than in shopping centres or office buildings. But is it really? One thing certainly does not change – most depends on the specificity of a given facility...........55

Targeted investment
The investment process, complicated in itself, may come across difficulties caused by conflicts with the heirs of former owners pursuing their claims and disputes with the owners of adjacent land or social associations, who, after making the investment their target, may cause difficulties and delays. ………57



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