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The City - December 2011

Transport above all

Europe is in crisis, the situation is uncertain and information concerning the Polish economy is discrepant. Increasingly often, entrepreneurs and managers have to make decisions while the future is unclear. However, as always, there are two sides of the coin. For some it is a difficulty, for other it might be an opportunity. The opportunity worth seizing, perhaps.

Constant complaining about condition of railways and railway stations may come to an end one day. Developing retail and office schemes in old railway buildings may be a chance. Let’s go shopping - straight from a railway station, is an article which makes one familiar with the topic of investments in such locations. There are many benefits enumerated in there. Apart from commercial and aesthetic ones, there are also public benefits. It will finally be possible to eat, drink and rest before a travel in comfortable conditions, and railway or coach stations will no longer be only a place one passes through as fast as possible on the way to train or bus, but will also become a public space. 

Underground stations will soon become reality and a chance to reach one's destination quickly. Travelling by car to a workplace may discourage even the mot persistent ones – parking your car has become quite an achievement. Business centres in Poland develop faster than transport capabilities of the cities. Public transport is the only thing that may save those cities from an unending traffic jam. Unfortunately, it is still treated as science fiction; details might be found in the article entitled P+P, that is “parkuj i pracuj” (park and work) and in an article by Sławomir Horbaczewski, Vice President at Marvipol SA (both articles available in the Polish version).The road infrastructure is also crucial in development of warehouses in Poland. A good location and developing economy are not enough until there is a change in this field.

The time before Christmas is a time of hard work for people in the real estate industry. This is true particularly in the case of shopping centres. The new record of Christmas decorations already on 2 November is a proof. It also gives one something to think about. In the USA, decorations show up even in July. We would like to wish you plenty of rest, spending Christmas with your close-ones and many successes in New Year.

Enjoy the reading. 


A stable vessel in unstable times 
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Let’s go shopping - straight from a railway station
When building a shopping centre, investors first consider its location.  To bring profits, a scheme must be visited by numerous customers, for whom comfortable access is one of the key factors in choosing a given centre……………47

The only such fair – MAPIC 2011
The Annual MAPIC Fair, which took place on 16-18 November 2011 in Cannes, France, gathered over 8 thousand participants.…………50                                                                       

Christmas Fever
The period from the middle November till the end of the year is the time of Christmas shopping spree. It is the most important period in activity of any shopping centre; all indicators describing the operations of centres hit the roof: tenants turnover, footfall or the time spend by a customer in the scheme. The key to complete success, however, rests in proper management……….52



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