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The City - April 2014

Sun is shiningnot only outside

After the quite short winter, which was favourable to the developers andconstruction works on their projects, the time of warm spring days with thesun shining not only outside the window has come.

The industrial market seems particularlyinteresting. According to CBRE,the pace at which it is growing is thehighest among traditional real propertysectors. Last year, over 4 million squaremetres were leased in the region. Overa half (2.1 million sqm) were located inPoland, as you can read in this issue. Wealso provide you with an opportunity tofind out about ambitious plans of PointPark Properties, which Piotr Wąs, Leasingand Development Director, reveals inthe interview.

A lot is going on in the office marketas well. The construction activity in Polandremains at a high level of approx.1 million sqm. According to DTZ, thisis going to translate into a high levelof the supply delivered to the marketbetween 2014 and 2015. We talk aboutthe office market in Poland to Paweł Laskowski-Fabisiewicz, Vice-Presidentof Polski Holding Nieruchomości S.A.,who summarizes the holding’s positionin the market and tells us about the firm’splans for the future. However, the marketis something more than just the newsupply. Renegotiations of agreements, which constituted nearly 30% of deals, have been an important element of themarket in the recent years. Owing tothe increasing demand for cheaper officeparks, occupiers have a relatively goodnegotiating position and a chance to gainmore profitable terms and conditions ofthe agreements. You can read more aboutthat topic in this issue.

We also look at the most expensive officelocations in the world and check howPoland looks like against this backdrop,take a look at how investments in listedbuildings look like in our country andtalk to Agata Brzezińska, Country Managerat Neinver Polska about the outletmarket and the further development ofthe firm in the market.We wish you good reading!


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