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The City - April 2013

Real estate rollercoaster.

Real estate is said to be one of the safest forms of investing capital. However, looking at the situation in the industry over the last few years, one might get the impression that something is wrong and the real estate market resembles a rollercoaster.

Until 2008 we were going up at a stunning speed, only to start going down even faster the next two years. Eventually another climb up started, this time a slow one. And when it seemed that there is a relatively long section of steady ride ahead, the tracks have started to disappear and the train started thrashing from to side to side so that some have problems with saying in the carts. Theoretically, everything seems to be alright: occupancy rate in 2012 exceeded historical maxima, developers are building and investors are buying. So what is the problem? In order to find out the answer, we invite you to read the article on forecasts for the investment market in Poland, in which we also sum up fair MIPIM 2013.

In difficult conditions, only the best survive. In the Polish market, however, there are plenty of projects which need a huge injection of cash and a major renovation. We show how and when to do this in the article “Refurbishment now!”. Apart from relatively new buildings, in Poland you can find thousands of historical buildings which await second life. The CEO of Fenix Group, for whom struggles with aged tenements are the staff of life, talks on how the profit on revitalisation. As always in The City, we also inform about the newest transactions, investments, trends and presents opinions and comments of professionals who shed new light on the real estate market.


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