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The City - October 2011

Changes are coming. The real property sector is important for the entire economy. When the business world is looking with apprehension at the events in Greece, Italy and other countries with poor economic results and high budget deficit, what happens in the industry is even more important. According to its representatives, in these uncertain times, a judicious investment in commercial property seems to be an excellent idea. Currently, Poland is one of the largest office space markets in the region. Well-qualified personnel, employment costs lower than in the case of our western neighbours and good location make Poland a perfect place for many business service centres. We reached the situation, in which class A+ office buildings are located in historical buildings as well .Interesting history and architecture and good location are advantages willingly used by companies which want to emphasis their prestige by moving to such buildings...

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The City - June 2011

Free choice. In the era of iPods and iPads, one must have something other peopledon't and do something other people don't. The globalised world is looking foruniqueness. One must stand out to get noticed. It turns out, that the loyaltyof consumers is decreasing. People are more inclined to change, check and testeverything. When they find a product, which meets their expectations, they donot hesitate to change their habits...

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The City - May 2011

Shopping at a stadium. The ‘the more the better’ rule does no longer work inthe global economy. The consumption is already at such a high level, thatnatural resources are not enough. Programs in the British TV under the label of"super cheapskate" are a sign of times. They show us how to recoverfrom shopaholism, excessive consumption and generally spend less for one’sliving. The idea of LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health andSustainability), which involves care for the economic development protectingthe environment and human health at the same time, is increasingly popular...

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The City - September 2011

Necessity is mother of invention

Everyday, media inform about alarming developments in the financialmarket, many countries' national debt and various solutions how to save thesituation. In those circumstances, entrepreneurs must really be stress-resistant.It might be therefore worthwhile to choose a strategy and prepare for differentscenarios. Thinking about future needs and tendencies in the market might be agood idea.

Recently, sustainable development has become a very popular topic. It isinteresting, whether it is merely a trend, a necessity or a good deal. Probablyall of these. Ecology might be very popular, particularly if it is profitable.What can convince to being pro-ecological is savings. Ecology and sustainabledevelopment sell well. Sustainable development is not a temporary fashion; itseems to be a permanent direction of development...

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The City - April 2011

Gains and loses. Property market is very variable. Not less than a stock exchange. Many investors have learned it in the recent years. It is nothing new. The situation is repeating itself. The hopes are rising and the prices are growing. Eventually, the bubble bursts and so do the hopes for gains. Therefore, investing on the commercial property market is a challenge which investment funds take up with varying results....

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The City - March 2011

In the land of... Arcadia. Our talks to the foreign investors show that Poland is a perfect place to run a business. The interview in this issue of the magazine confi rms it. It is worth remembering, however, that in the times of globalisation, the capital chooses the most convenient ways, and according to economists and market analysts, these lead to … China and India. Nowadays, one does not have to cross the Silk Route to do some shopping. Nevertheless, reaching a shopping centre might prove quite a challenge. The investors meet the expectations and attempt to adjust the transport infrastructure, while city authorities try to arrange road investments. The problem is, as always, in the details. Revitalisation of existing schemes is an uneasy task. It requires cooperation, lots of money and patience. There are probably better ways to achieve the goal, yet the revitalised scheme’s value added, which consist of the history of the location, loyalty of the local inhabitants and the prestige of the modernises building, cannot be overestimated...

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The City - February 2011

A GoodLocation. Poland is one of the three fastest growing economies in theEuropean Union. International retail chains are interested in expansion in Poland. Newschemes are being constructed. The number of transactions on the market isgrowing. The trend to transfer retail to the east is therefore successful. According to experts, the global commercial real estatemarket will be undergoing dynamic changes within the nearest ten years. It isgoing to be a more difficult time for owners, tenants and retail chains.Companies that are able to adapt and make accurate decisions will win...

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