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The City - November 2012

Strategie na gorsze czasy. Z prognozami jest jak z pogodą – czasami się nie sprawdzają. Jesteśmy obecnie w sytuacji, gdy chłoniemy prognozy gospodarcze i ewentualne konsekwencje dla naszej działalności. Szukamy punktów odniesienia dla potwierdzenia naszych wyborów i obranych strategii. Jednym ze sposobów jest udział w wydarzeniach branżowych. Za nami Expo Real w Monachium – targi bynajmniej nie wyglądały na kryzysowe. Przed nami MAPIC w Cannes...

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The City - October 2012

Way to success through innovation. In the times of the ever increasing and more and more equal competition, it is worth to bet on innovative business solutions and not be afraid of following unblazed paths. In a word, to create trends in the market yourself. This is what the participants in The City Business Forum conference have said and what was confirmed by the CEO of Skanska Property Poland in the interview for us. Waldemar Olbryk told us, among others, about perspectives for the office market in Poland, innovative approach to tenants and the plans of Skanska for the nearest years.

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The City - September 2012

Smart investing in real estate still pays off. The market is what it is – there are many factors contributing to success. Apart from bonds, investments in real estate are still believed to be one of the safest. They, however, requires huge capital and, what is equally important, patience. Getting involved with such assets starts a process which usually may last at least a few years. This is why, when comparing results of each fund, which can be found in this issue of THE CITY, at least a few years periods should be taken into consideration.

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The City - June 2012

Economy clashes ecology. We are nearing the summing up of the first half of the year on the commercial real estate market in Poland and it is safe to say that it was not a worse time than the previous two quarters. New projects are still being planned, developed and halted – as they always have been on the market - nihil novi. Some are better in dealing with it, others are worse, yet what is significant is the fact that most companies in the market have not followed popular media information about the oncoming crisis and they are still deciding on starting new investments.

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The City - May 2012

Sustainable development – it pays off.  The world is turning green not only outside the window; an increasing number of developers decides to develop “green buildings” and to certify them, which is what sustainable development means. In this issue we decide to check how sustainable development looks in Poland and against the European background. We will also try to answer the question whether companies dealing with sustainable development do it consciously. We will also take a closer look on ecological certificates available in the Polish marker; how they are awarded and implemented.

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The City - April 2012

Tenants’ time. In 2011, the shopping centre space stock in the Polish market amounted to nearly 9,000,000 sqm. Traditional shopping centres constituted 93 percent of the total retail space amount, whereas the share of factory outlet centres in the volume of modern retail space was only 1 percent. We are checking which developers decide on this niche branch in the industry and whether we may expect an increase in the outlet centres' share in the Polish retail market...

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The City - March 2012

From the idea to realisation. According to Ernst & Young’s report “As one door shuts, another opens”, it is still worth to invest in real estates. 7 European investors out of 10 believe that the debt crisis in the Eurozone will decrease the interest in real estate. More than a half think that the banks will be less eager to grant credits and mortgages. Despite that investors still believe that, in the long-run, European real estate markets are an attractive capital investment. These opinions are largely confirmed by experts present on the meeting in the Property talks cycle.  You might read the account of that meeting in this issue...

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The City - February 2012

Safe investments. The year 2012 will not be a watershed year for the Polish economy. Hence the branch of commercial real estate should not expect a great revolution. Polish economy will continue to grow although according to analysts’ and financiers’ forecasts the growth will be more slowly compared to 2011. Nevertheless, the real estate market is still a good place to invest, what can be seen on the example of shopping malls’ developers. According to the forecasts of market analysis companies, in 2012, almost half a million of commercial space will be put to use, out of which nearly 1/3 will be located in the largest metropolitan areas in the country. Broader analysis of the 8 largest cities on the Vistula river, as well as information about their demand and supply of retail space , will be presented in this edition...

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The City - December 2011

Transport above all. Europe is in crisis, the situation is uncertain and information concerning the Polish economy is discrepant. Increasingly often, entrepreneurs and managers have to make decisions while the future is unclear. However, as always, there are two sides of the coin. For some it is a difficulty, for other it might be an opportunity. The opportunity worth seizing, perhaps. Constant complaining about condition of railways and railway stations may come to an end one day. Developing retail and office schemes in old railway buildings may be a chance. Let’s go shopping - straight from a railway station, is an article which makes one familiar with the topic of investments in such locations. There are many benefits enumerated in there. Apart from commercial and aesthetic ones, there are also public benefits...

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The City - November 2011

A self-fulfilling prophecy. The news about the crisis stimulate people imagination. The word ‘crisis’ passed mouth-to-mouth, in a magical way inspires decision making and ruins trust in everything unpredictable. Anxiety and anticipation around us may easily turn into… the crisis. The self-fulfilling prophecy will affect all entrepreneurs and consumers, not mentioning the state budget. Our interlocutors are not that fearful. They develop new investments and create investment funds. They believe that in those difficult times, real estates are not such a bad idea – quite the contrary. Of course, provided that these real estates are situated in good locations, have acceptable size and are well-constructed...

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