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The City - April 2014

Sun is shiningnot only outside

After the quite short winter, which was favourable to the developers andconstruction works on their projects, the time of warm spring days with thesun shining not only outside the window has come.

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The City - March 2014

Poland continuesto be attractive The Polish real estate market is already mature and demanding.Obviously, Great Britain, Germany and France remain key markets forinvestors, but,the investors were strongly interested in our country.

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The City - October 2013

Poland is tempting. To say that the Polish commercial real estate investment market recovered would be an understatement - it is thriving...

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The City - September 2013

Revolving door. The past months in the property market have seen some increased activity in the HR departments of many firms. Specialists change their employers and the market is making intensive preparations for projects that are to start in Q4 this year.

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The City - June 2013

Bargain hunters wanted. No one needs to be convinced that he property prices in the years 2006 – 2007 went up beyond reason. Few, however, expected that coming down could be so painful.

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The City - May 2013

The more the merrier. If you cannot do something on your own, you must look for a partner. It will be particularly useful in those difficult times which require limiting risk.

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The City - April 2013

Real estate rollercoaster. Real estate is said to be one of the safest forms of investing capital. However, looking at the situation in the industry over the last few years, one might get the impression that something is wrong and the real estate market resembles a rollercoaster.

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The City – March 2013

Prettier side of real estate. The spring is coming and, like every year, there is a commotion in the real estate sector. The season starts with MIPIM fair, which is attended by numerous Polish developers, agencies, financial institutions, cities and regions.

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The City – February 2013

He, who moves not forward, goes backward. This is what the great author from Weimar said, and if we add words of another respected ancient philosopher: everything flows, there is only one conclusion – changes, changes, changes.

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The City - December 2012

Czas na zmiany

Koniec roku, to oprócz myślenia o zbliżających się świętach - co dla większości z nas jest przyjemną perspektywą - to również czas podsumowania, tego co już było i myślenie o tym co nastąpi. Wyzwania, ostrożność, rozwaga to często powtarzane słowa w ocenie obecnie stosowanych strategii rynkowych. Interesuje nas jednak przyszłość, stąd nasze pytania o prognozy, które zadaliśmy liderom branży.

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