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The City - May 2016



Almanach Centrów Handlowych Poland & CEE

Polskie fundusze ciągle czekają na REIT-y / Polish funds still waiting for REITs

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The City - November 2015

A new wave in retail properties

The traditional shopping centre market in Poland has already saturated. New projects are few and far between. The commercialization process has become longer and may take up to a few years. New times have come. We can see a wave of projects based on extension, refurbishment and remodelling of shopping centres. Mixed-use projects are becoming an alternative. High streets are gaining in meaning.  The Polish retail market is no longer a developing market; it has become a mature market – a change which means new rules of the game.

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The City - October 2015

Leasing requires a lot of thinking

Poland has a very strong leading position in the region. The office and industrial sectors are developing dynamically. The retail market is maturing and tenants have increasing expectations for real properties. What does it mean? Growing competition and, consequently, greater attention to detail and quality. A well-built office building or a shopping centre is no longer enough.

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The City - September 2015

Mature means volatile

Experts emphasise that the Polish real estate market, despite being very young, has qualities of a mature market. One could say that it is very volatile and demanding. The shopping centre market has already been saturated. Now is the time to take care for the quality. It is dominated by extensions and modernisations. Customers' expectations are growing.  What they can buy is no longer as important as how they can buy it. Shoppingis becoming more important than buying. Products without advice and shopping atmosphere can be purchased in an online store as well.

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The City - May 2015

Appetite for real estate

The real estate market in Poland has definitely matured. Tenants can choose between numerous assets – existing, in the pipeline or under development. It is not surprising then, that only the prime, best-planned and carried-out investment projects stand a chance for full commercialisation. Also, older, but well-located buildings offering development potential have the second chance.

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The City - April 2015

Building value

Real estate is a business for the patient. Developing buildings is a long-term project and building value of a company in this industry – even longer. In principle, it is the primary goal of investment funds, but not only. Every enterprise has to face this challenge. This issue of The City touches upon a few threads related to this topic.

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The City - March 2015

The competition is not asleep


New technologies, innovative projects, entrepreneurs and investors make the real property market in Poland develop at an extremely fast pace, as confirmed by the media and analytical companies in their reports.

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The City - November 2014

Domestic and foreign expansion

The risk related to developing retail chains in Russia and Ukraine forced entrepreneurs to look for other markets to continue expansion to. This also applies to Polish businesses which are still present in Eastern European markets, but are also developing their sales in the Western Europe, USA or Middle East. The search for new markets is also the result of aspirations to develop an international position of a brand and to compete over more affluent customers. You can read about the model of the expansion to foreign markets and preferences of Polish entrepreneurs in the article Polish fashion on foreign shelves

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The City - September 2014

Mature market, active market

According to EY analysts, in H1 2014 we have observed a significant increase in the investment volume in commercial real estate markets in the CSE region. What encourages investors to invest in these countries is an attractive rate of return and the improving economic situation and low interest rates compared to Western Europe. Poland and Czech remain leading markets among the countries of the region. 

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