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Almanach CH 2014/2015

Theindustry isholding tight

It is our pleasure to present to your the fi fth editionof the Almanac of Shopping centres. Weare very glad that every year our publicationreaches an ever widening audience and that ithas become a model for other similar titles inthe market. However, there is only one Almanacof Shopping centres, just as each retail asset inthe market is unique.

In the Almanac we provide you with practicalinformation which will allow you to developstrategies, both for those who sell in shoppingcentres and those who deliver retail space andmanage it; therefore, this year’s edition hasbeen divided into three zones: tenant, developerand manager’s.

As every year, we have prepared a comprehensivesummary of the latest information onthe shopping centre market in Poland. This yearit was additionally extended by the central Europeregion. Experts and texts prepared by oureditorial team will provide you with a large portionof specialised knowledge concerning themost important issues the market is currentlydealing with.

We have worked with numerous industryexperts. This year’s edition of the Almanac wasprepared in cooperation with the representativesof TPA Horwath, Taylor Wessing, EY andDTZ, among others. metro Properties is the strategicpartner of the publication, and EcE, carrefour,cH Forum, PKP, Samsung and Trigranitare partners.

The publication contains a summary ofaround 350 retail projects operating in the marketand those that are to be launched in thecoming quarters.

Enjoy the reading of The Almanac of Shoppingcentres 2014/2015.

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