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What makes the best office buildings stand out

The main factor that can distinguish an office complex is location. And the exclusive location combined with the unique architecture and standard of the facility may determine whether the offer is unrivaled on the market. The most prestigious investments in Poland provide such advantages, which, apart from a great location, form and quality of finishing, include comfortable amenities on site.

 - The opportunity of locating headquarters in a unique, stylish building, universally recognized and belonging to the group of the highest scored office buildings on the market is  valuable for tenants. It  is crucial for building the company's position - says Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, CEO of Walter Herz.

- When we talk about a unique location in Warsaw, the highest scores show, among others, centrally located facilities that provide a direct connection or proximity to a metro station. This is a rare asset that only a few metropolitan office buildings can provide. Most of them are still under construction - notes Bartłomiej Zagrodnik.

One of the capital buildings is particularly noteworthy. The unusual location will be the hallmark of Central Point building, which will be overhanging the Świętokrzyska metro station. Placing the office building in such a prominent place, where two lines of the Warsaw metro cross, is a demanding and difficult investment, but also a very profitable undertaking. This location will be an added value and a great form of brand promotion for companies that will move into the office building once it is completed.

Today, all new projects offer high-class office space, but in order to stand out on the market, they need something more. Presentable common areas, advanced technological solutions, a wide range of services and recreation zones within the complex. Especially at a time, when the quality of the office market in Poland is growing rapidly.

According to Walter Herz consulting company, about 70 per cent of office investments that are currently under construction in the country are prestigious facilities, that offer the highest quality space, which is confirmed by the certificates they obtain.  

Both in Poland and all over the world, the design of modern buildings is now focused on aspects related to human health and those that affect the comfort of using the facilities. The level at which buildings are considered human-friendly is measured by the WELL certificate. In Poland, only a few complexes have it, which certainly distinguishes them form the others.

The amenities offered by the best office facilities are aimed at creating a favorable environment for people, where they can feel at home. The space where it is nice to work, but also spend time after hours and the most popular services could be used on the spot. Therefore, the owners of complexes locate their kindergartens, laundries, shops, parcel kiosks, ATMs, medical centers, fitness clubs, city bike stations, and even electric car charging stations and car washes.

In addition, in the buildings which are appealing from market perspective, applications downloaded to smartphones are increasingly replacing access cards. They also allow for the control of lighting, air conditioning, or reserving conference rooms. Moreover, they allow for calling the service, if there are technical problems, and even place orders for services and check the traffic status on the exit roads from the office building. Parking spaces are equipped with car recognition systems.

The managers of the most interesting facilities also undertake broader initiatives aimed at activating the community, thanks to the effective development of the area in the vicinity of the office buildings. The best example is Plac Europejski square, a public space created by Warsaw Spire in Warsaw, where shows and various types of outdoor events are organized. An interesting way to stand out is, for example, locating the popular in Warsaw Bio Bazaar at Empark complex. Such operations make the area on which the complexes are located teeming with life throughout the day, which serves the broadly understood integration and attracts tenants.

The most interesting office complexes are perfectly suited to the existing urban infrastructure and are open to external users. There are exclusive restaurants, terraces and shopping malls in them. This way, as living urban organisms blend into the city structure and function as an integral part of it. They are often mixed-use facilities, such as OVO complex in Wrocław with a hotel, office, apartment and service part, or Warsaw Browary Warszawskie complex.

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