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The first stage of Mokotów Nova completed

Mokotów Nova, Warsaw.

Ghelamco Poland has commissioned a part of the Mokotów Nova office building in Warsaw.The occupancy permit was given to 25 000 sqm of modern, A-class officespace. The entire investment will be finished by Q1 2012. Mokotów Nova is one of the largest office projects in this part of Warsaw.

The firsttenant to move into Mokotów Nova is an international company Cargill. The newoffice of the company has the area of nearly 1 600 sqm. Soon,the office building will also house premise of Medicover – the company offeringfull range of medical care.

Mokotów Nova willal together deliver 40 000 sqm of high quality, modern office space. The wholecomplex consists of three connected buildings. So far, two of them have been completed: A and B buildings. Under this part, there are to underground carparks. Eventually, the investment will have a three-level garage and over 1000parking spaces under and around the complex. Inside Mokotów Nova, there will be a patio with fountains and elements of co-calledstreet furniture. The building will be covered by 24 hours security andmonitoring as well as access control.

The investment is located at Wołoska Streetin Warsaw, only 500 mfrom Galeria Mokotów, in a business district well connected to other districts of the city. TheOffice building will have the form of a modern business park, which guarantees the future tenants comfortable work in a business-friendly environment. Mokotów Nova is characterised by a high technical standard, additionally supported with computerised building management systems, air conditioning and ventilation with central humidification system and possibility of individual temperatur reregulation. Moreover, the constant access of fresh air will be provided by tilt windows. Mokotów Nova will also meet all the ecological standards and norms,guaranteeing low energy and water consumption as well as excellent quality ofair in the building. Currently, the certification process is under way to getthe prestigious BREEAM certificate. It will be fourth so prestigious certificate granted to an office building in Poland and, at the same time, the fourth one granted to Ghelamco. Before, the certificate went to Belgian developer’s projects such as Trinity Park III, Crown Square and Katowice Business Point.

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