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The construction of Port Praski to start in one-year time

Port Praski, Warsaw.

In the middle of the next year, construction works in Warsaw's Port Praski will start. The Port Praski company, which minority shareholder is Elektrim, wants to construct a new district there. The concept is being created by Jems Architekci. According to the investor, in this area over 560 000 sqm of offices, apartments and retail space might be created.

Urban planners have divided Port Praski into four parts. By Warsaw’s underground station Stadion Narodowy, an office city will be created. It will be dominated by four dominating skyscrapers, highest of which is to have 160 metres. It will provide a scenic view of Stare Miasto, the left bank of Warsaw and the Vistula River.
Docks will be another distinctive part. Along concrete embankment of port basins, residential buildings a few-storeys high, with services on the ground and first floors will be created. The more luxurious apartments will be sold together with a mooring place for boats in the marina which will also house a water tram stop. It will be possible to sail there thanks to a floodgate by the entrance to Port. City Hall has already ordered its project.
Another part of the future port has a working name Park Mediów. These will be leisure areas with sports fields and an art gallery in the fresh air. They will be created in the area nearest to Vistula, where the unregulated arm of the port is today. At visualisations, the area is connected with a cable car running over Vistula, but it is already known that the concept is changing. “A pedestrian and bike overpass is much more probable, since it will be available to everyone,” says Adam Pykel, CEO at Port Praski, a company associated with Elektrim, which is going to realise the investment.
The investment is going to be carried out by the Port Praski company. According to preliminary plans, there will be constructed 190 000 sqm of office space, i.a. in 140-160 metres high skyscrapers; 20 000 sqm of conference and exhibitions space; 90 000 sqm of residential space in the so-called Nowa Praga and further 90 000 sqm of apartments over the channel itself.

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