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Plac Unii Lubelskiej – works proceed according to the schedule

Plac Unii Lubelskie

Over 170 m3 of earth, slurry wallover 50 metresdeep, 4 underground storeys along the plot’s boundary - Liebrecht&WooD andBBI Development realise next stages of earthworks at the construction site ofthe Plac Unii investment according to the schedule.

The use of the complicated technology of slurry wall at Plac Unii is not accidental. Within dense urban development, the building with four underground storeys is being constructed. The traditional excavation of such depth would have to occupy all Unii Lubelskiej Square.However, thanks to the slurry wall reaching 53 metres down, which ensures stability of the excavation walls, it is possible to build within theplot’s boundary.

The construction of Plac Unii proceeds according to the established schedule. Thecompletion of the construction work is scheduled on Q3 2013. The Liebrecht& WooD development company and the BBI Development NFI fund are the investors in Plac Unii.

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