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PKP offers plots for sale in the centre of Warsaw


PKP SA is offering three plots in the core centre of Warsaw – at Chmielna Street and Jana Pawla II Avenue. The announcement was published on 14 September. The tender will be organised by Cushman &Wakefield – an international consulting company operating in the commercial property market.

The State Treasury is the owner of the parcel and Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA the perpetual usufructuary. The property will be sold via an oral tender.

The right ofperpetual usufruct of the land of two parcels with the total area of 9767 sqm (registration No. 33/4 and 33/5, geodesic precinct 6-01-10) together with the building ownership right thereof will be the subject of the first tender. Theinitial price of the property is PLN 97 million net.

The right ofperpetual usufruct of the land of two parcels with the total area of 7411 sqm (registration No. 33/3 and 33/5, geodesic precinct 6-01-10) together with thebuilding ownership right the reof will be the subject of the second tender. Theinitial price of that property is PLN 74 million net.

The plots are locatedin the core centre of Warsaw,at the junction of Chmielna Streetand two major avenues – Jana Pawla II and Jerozolimskie. In the close vicinity,there are the Palace of Culture and Science,the central railway station and the shopping, office and services centre ZłoteTarasy. Properties are accessible by all means of transport.

The offered plots are unique as far as both their location in the CBD of Warsaw and size,shape and legal status are concerned. Currently, the area in which the plotsare located is not included in the binding local spatial development plan. The Study of spatial development conditions and directions for the Capital City ofWarsaw provides multifunctional buildings over 30 m high in the area. Thereare already exemplary concepts of development of the area with a complex ofresidential, office and services buildings with the total leasable/sales areaof around 44 000 sqm in the case of the first 2 plots and 46 000 sqm forthe third one.

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