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Offices of the future

Eyal Litwin, Dyrektor generalny Adgar Poland

More and more people see the advantages of working in a friendly and comfortable space which boosts creativity and allows to release energy and passion for action. The success of coworking offices which we have been observing for the last few years confirms that and seems to clearly set the direction of changes on the office market.

While launching the first cocreating space – Brain Embassy (BE) – into the Polish market, Adgar Poland noticed that people need a workplace where they can meet other people, inspire each other and exchange ideas. BE is one step ahead of ordinary coworking spaces as it gives its members an exceptional, creatively arranged designer space which supports them with unique personal growth programmes and helps them connect people and businesses. Our BE spaces are used by freelancers and startups, but also large companies and global corporations. We also have BeYOURSeLF (BeYS), an exceptional lease model based on the best elements of both a traditional lease and cocreating.

“Freedom lets business grow” is BeYS’s slogan that explains the philosophy of this place, which gives both freedom and comfort, among other things thanks to a minimum of a month notice period, no traditional rent per square meteres but payment per person and Brain Embassy full membership with access to BE surface. I am convinced that the offices of the future will go in this direction, giving people and companies as much freedom and comfort as they need, boosting their creativity, involvement at work, and the need to grow their businesses.

The employees of Adgar in Israel, Belgium and Canada can’t wait to have BE and BeYS in their countries. We started from Poland which is developing so dynamically becoming the leader of the CEE region, and thus made sure that this lease concept has a really bright future.

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