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New office, new opportunities

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Office market offers a wide range of options for choosing the most favorable option for the tenant, and the relocation or renegotiation of the office can bring many benefits to the company

Changing the office is a great opportunity to create new space for work, which can become a strong bargaining card in the recruitment process. Companies can benefit a lot from relocation. A new, interesting fit-out of the workplace, positively influencing the reception of the company, as well as optimization of the cost of leasing space are not the only benefits associated with changing the office. Relocation also opens the door to improving the functionality of the occupied space and better adapting the office space to the style of the team. A more efficient flow of information and better cooperation between departments means greater operational capability of the team. Such a change provides the opportunity to analyze the needs and implement unique solutions in the work environment or to optimize the current solutions.

Undoubtedly, attractively designed and well-located office provides an added value to the company and is also a great recruitment tool, increasing the ability to attract the most talented employees. An ingeniously designed and functional space makes the workplace environment unique, which is what the potential employees pay special attention to.

Standard and shared space

Properly selected location can also improve contact with customers and make it easier for the employees to get to work. The convenient conference facilities that modern buildings provide today are also not without significance. Their tenants can use well-equipped, large conference rooms or event rooms. In addition, Walter Herz's experts note that nowadays, office space and co-working space operators offer their services as standard in the new buildings. It gives  companies a wider choice of office type and gives the opportunity to quickly enlarge the occupied space. Serviced offices, thanks to flexible lease conditions, can also be used periodically in the event of specific needs of the company, which allows to optimize the costs. However, changing the office is not the only option. Renegotiation of the contract and reconstruction of the office can also bring numerous benefits to the company and open many possibilities.

Demand for offices in the largest cities in the country is still at a very high level. The Warsaw market is characterized by a particularly high absorption capacity. The office offer in the largest urban centers in the country is growing and is more diversified. According to Walter Herz, almost 800 thousand sq m of office space remain under construction in Warsaw alone. However, the vast majority of  the largest projects will be completed in a year or two, and the construction of the largest capital investments in Warsaw will take even longer. To secure the most attractive locations, the companies more and more often decide to sign the pre-let contracts. In the first half of 2018, such contracts comprised almost a quarter of the volume of space in transactions concluded on the Warsaw market.

Temporary solutions

Selecting a new office does not have to be associated with choosing from spaces where relocation is possible at the end of the current lease agreement. During the transition period, until the selected space is commissioned, the company can "wait" in a serviced or co-working office. More and more often, it is possible even in the same building, had the space been contracted in a building implemented in a complex with shared space in the already completed office building. Designing co-working areas, or serviced offices in multifunctional complexes and office buildings of various classes has become a standard, because it improves the attractiveness of the offer, providing additional opportunities to tenants.

Today, the comprehensively equipped, ready-to-use shared offices located in the office buildings are working not only for start-ups and freelancers, or during the projects that contract employees for the duration of the venture. Walter Herz specialists admit that a large number of big companies and corporations are now using such solution when seeking high-quality workplaces for their employees in the initial period after entering the new market. It takes time to find and arrange the target office before the company moves in. The companies also use this solution for the purpose of implementing specific processes or orders that have a specific time frame and require short periods of lease agreements.

Flexible workplaces

Serviced offices automatically guarantee a full range of business services, whereas co-working spaces in addition to an extensive range of services, also provide space for association with other users, which can bring interesting business contacts and enhance the creativity of employees.

The companies that see the potential of co-working also decide to conclude combined transactions. They sign lease contracts, both in traditional offices and in shared offices. This solution, in the opinion of Walter Herz's experts, allows for creating a flexible working environment and securing the sudden needs of expansion in a specific financial and time framework.

Everything on-site

Primarily the latest office facilities with highest global standard and architecture in Poland are creating such opportunity. They offer attractively arranged common areas, green recreation areas on terraces and courtyards, stylish lobbies, reception desks, conference facilities, comfortable parking space for cars and bicycles, high-end lifts, lighting and ventilation systems, as well as installations and technical solutions.

They are equipped with modern building management systems and provide phone applications that provide practical information, as well as enable booking services and order processing. This way, not only the newest facilities, but also older buildings that want to become more competitive on the market are trying to attract new tenants.

Today, typically certified energy-saving facilities equipped with modern solutions provide more effective options in various cost ranges. Office buildings offer a wide selection of popular service outlets and good service, because these are the current expectations of tenants. There are, among others, ATMs, pharmacies, shops, drugstores, cafes and restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, beauty salons, kindergartens, car rentals, etc. Service outlets are often located in the shopping arcades and hotel parts of the office buildings.

Source: Walter Herz

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