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Mennica Legacy Tower underground construction has started

Last week on the Mennica Legacy Tower construction site, work started on the diaphragm walls which will be executed on the site border line. Their depth will reach up to 36 meters below the ground level.

Previously on the site preparatory work were carried out, including the execution of the initial excavation, leveling the ground and development of the working platform. This will enable work of the 40-ton hydraulic grabs – machines working on the execution of excavations for the diaphragm walls. Leading walls were also built to pave the future course of the diaphragm walls.

Mennica Legacy Tower office complex will have four underground storeys, of which three will be located below the groundwater table.

– Tight connection of concrete slab with diaphragm walls and a significant depression below the groundwater table will cause the buoyant force on structure at an early stage of the construction. In order to balance it, the barrets were designed – a special kind of pile, which is made from a single section of the diaphragm wall and placed directly under the concrete slab. However, in the target phase their job is also to prevent the whole building from excessive settling after the construction ground is placed – Piotr Turchoński, Development Director at Golub GetHouse.

Construction using the diaphragm walls is currently the most popular method of conducting excavations in densely built-up areas. Among the advantages of this technology are the ability to apply it in the immediate vicinity of existing buildings, the low noise factor and the lack of vibration during execution and most importantly, the ability to construct in the strict borders of the site.

The majority of Mennica Legacy Tower building underground construction will be assigned for a four-storey parking lot set for more than 600 cars, car wash and electric vehicle charging stations. On site there will also be independent, safe parking with 300 bike stands, along with infrastructure for cyclists, including independent entrance, dedicated lifts, repair stations and a locker room with showers.

Mennica Legacy Tower is an office complex comprising a 140-meter high tower and an adjacent 43-meter building. Located between Prosta, Żelazna, Pereca and Waliców Streets in Warsaw will offer a total of 65,630 sq m of lease space. Reconstruction of Waliców Street between Prosta and Pereca Streets will also be part of the project. The construction of Mennica Legacy Tower is proceeding according to schedule. The anticipated date of commissioning for use of the lower, Western building of Mennica Legacy Tower is Q4 2018, while the high tower is to be ready in Q3 2019. The entire investment will be completed in line with the demanding requirements of the BREAAM international certificate with at least 'Excellent' rating. Warbud S.A. is the general contractor of the skyscraper.

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