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Flanders Business Park: First ground works construction site were completed

Flanders Business Park

First ground works on the building C construction site were completed in August 2013. Buildings C, D, E was awarded BREEAM Interim certificate for projects under development in compliance with sustainable construction standards.

Flanders Business Park is a modern office complex located in Warsaw and next to the junction of Łopuszańska and Flisa Streets. The first stage of the project comprising of buildings A and B has been already put into use with tenants including Civil Aviation Office, ISS Facility Services, IFS CEE, Edelman, Hay Group and Wild Flavours, among others. The second phase of the project comprising of three buildings (C, D, E) will increase the total leasable space available at Flanders Business Park to 36,000 sqm.

Flanders Business Park is to be one of the most energy efficient and “green” office developments in the capital city. The technological solutions used in the project include, among others: innovative heating and cooling ceiling which enables to cut CO2 emissions and energy use, and distribute hot or cooled air on the entire office area evenly. In order to reduce the consumption of energy needed for heating and cooling the offices, particular elevations of the buildings will be precisely oriented toward the points of the compass. In the direction where the risk of loss of energy is the greatest, walls with increased insulation factors will be used. On the windows on the façades of the southern and western exposures there will be additional sunscreens, allowing regulation of the degree of exposure of the office space to sunlight and preventing overheating. The system of lifts was designed to minimize the consumption of electricity, and the outdoor lighting will be reduced at night as well. In total, the buildings will consume up to 50% less energy than traditional objects of this type. A two-phase toilet flushing system and contactless washbasin fittings will minimize the consumption of water by 40%.

Each tenant of Flanders Business Park will have individual heat, electricity and water meters which enable to control precisely the use of resources. The proper recycling of waste will be implemented as well.

Flanders Business Park (C, D, E) was designed by Arcade Polska.

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