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DTZ responsible for the commercialisation of BCB Business Park

BCB Business Park.

DTZ is responsible for leasing office space which is being constructed as a part of BCB Business Park, which ultimately will comprise five 4-storey A-class buildings totalling 12 000 sqm each, a hotel and a conference centre. The entire investment is located on an 11-ha plot. The total office space of all buildings will amount to 90 000 sqm.

The main investor in the expansion, which started in July, is IVS Grupa. The footprint area of the centre will amount to 13 500 sqm. The planned expansion will enlarge the centre by over 6 500 sqm, resulting in the total area of 21 000 sqm. The number of parking spaces will increase from 400 to 700.

The entire infrastructure of the scheme will be expanded as well – walkways, roads and delivery zones. Additionally, the image of the location will be refreshed. The single-storey structure of the building will be retained, which allows the customers for comfortable movement from store to store.

The total cost of expansion is PLN 35 million. The occupancy permit for the expanded part is scheduled for January/February 2012. The scheduled date of the opening of the scheme is Q2 2012.

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