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Cornerstone laid for Nowa Fabryczna

Nowa Fabryczna

Nowa Fabryczna will be the first office building to be developed in the area of New Center of Lodz project. The cornerstone ceremony for this significant investment was held today. After completion, Nowa Fabryczna will offer working space for over 2 000 employees.

The cornerstone ceremony was attended by Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of Lodz, as well as representatives of Lodz City Hall, Skanska S.A - the project’s general contractor, and Skanska Property Poland - the building’s developer. The cornerstone ceremony indicates that the building’s development entered a new phase and further construction works will take place solely above ground levels.

Nowa Fabryczna office building, designed by the renowned medusa group architectural studio, will be distinguished by its unique, open-work façade. The project is developed in accordance with the idea of placemaking based on the idea of green, healthy, functional as well as employee and resident friendly places within public spaces. According to this concept, Nowa Fabryczna will provide, among others, a spacious green patio available for all residents of Lodz. All this will allow the project to comply with the new definition of urban tissue within NCŁ.

The author of the architectural project in Silesia-based Medusa group studio. The general contractor for Nowa Fabryczna is Skanska S.A. while Skanska Property Poland will be responsible for the building’s commercialization.

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