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CBRE: Agile offices are new trend in the market

Karina Kreja, Associate Director, Residential & Development Consultancy, CBRE.

The world, technologies, workplace philosophy as well as offices we work in undergo changes and revolutions. The new way of working culture supports collaboration, information flow, teamwork and project work. Different workstations serve different purposes depending on a particular project and the team that is working on it - says Karina Kreja, Associate Director, Residential & Development Consultancy, CBRE.

- Employees are not assigned to fixed places, so nobody has their own workstation, but they are free to choose the place they like. This is how to create an Agile office.
According to our research, the peak utilization of traditional office space rarely exceeds 70% and the demand for workstations is going to decrease, replaced by other forms of work: telework, working at client location, taskwork or teamwork.

The Agile office concept was created to cater to these new requirements. The employees do not have their own workstation assigned - when they come to work, they simply take one of available places. It allows a business to have less workstations than employees. For most businesses, the attainable rate is 8 workstations per 10 employees. The remaining 10% to 20% surplus of space can be used for additional rooms, such as internal meeting rooms which support creative thinking; additional social space to be used during breaks or less formal meetings; shared rooms for private meetings and conversations; designated focus rooms for those who do not want to be distracted; additional conference rooms; leisure rooms or super size kitchens

Taking into account the popularity of Agile office solutions in the more developed office markets, one should expect that this tendency is going to gain more and more interest in Poland. The main reasons organizations consider introducing the new workplace strategy are efficiency, compatibility with actual needs and attractiveness. Modern offices are flexible and allow to implement new functions easily, which means they are prepared for the unidentified changes to come in the future. They are also attractive for new generations of employees who increasingly often choose a firm not only basing on its profile but also on the atmosphere in the workplace and a modern design - says Karina Kreja, Associate Director, Residential & Development Consultancy, CBRE.

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