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BZ WBK funds summarise the first half of the year in terms of office space rented

Trinity Business Park I.

Real Estate Market Fund BZ WBK TFI SA may consider the first half of 2012 a successful one. Within the portfolio of properties belonging to the Fund, over 20,000 sqm of space were rented.

Primary estimated of activeness of tenants within the modern office space market in the first half of 2012 in Poland show that the volume of lease transaction in the current year may be comparable to the unexpectedly high results of 2011. The sector of modern business service centres is developing very rapidly in regional cities. In the years to come a significant growth of the supply of modern office space is expected, especially in Warsaw, where 500,000 sqm of modern office space are currently under construction; they are to be delivered in 2012 – 2014.

Rents remain at a stable level. In the first half of 2012, Arka Real Estate Market Funds rented over 3,000 sqm of office space in Teofilów Busienss Park in Lodz to companies such as Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.; in Warsaw, Kino Polska TV S.A. rented 2,100 sqm in Lighthouse office building, while Axel Springer Polska Fund has prolonged the lease agreement with Ringier for over 9,000 sqm in Trinity Business Park I in Warsaw.

One of the remaining properties of Arka Real Estate Fund, which still offers space to let, is Alfa Plaza in Gdynia. The building situated in the core centre of Gdynia offers 1,800 sqm of space out of the total of nearly 7,700 sqm, which can be divided into modules down to 50 sqm. The office building is an interesting proposal for companies looking for small premises in an attractive location for a reasonable rent.

Another property, in which the Fund still has free office space, is Pasaż pod Błękitnym Słońcem in Wroclaw. There are over 750 sqm of space to let split into modules of around 100-200 sqm. This historical tenement situated in the core centre of Wroclaw, which offers space to tenants, has lower floors that serve as retail, exhibition and catering points and higher ones that have been adapted for offices.

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