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And why not Albania?

Facts about a country that is not known to everyone, but it is useful to know for an investor.

Low prices and a beautiful sea. Two arguments in favor of Albania, which attracted to this country first tourists. Then buyers of real estate for themselves. And finally, investors. Those who expect growth - and prices, and the attention of tourists. The cost of apartments on the sea in Albania - from 260 EUR/sqm to 2 000 EUR/sqm.

In Albania, are no property taxes in any cities except Tirana (in Tirana for average apartments is below 25 EUR/year). If you buy a property on the coast of the sea or a lake you do not need to pay any taxes.. The main expense that is for you as a buyer is a certificate of ownership. Renewal of the certificate depends on the area of the apartment and its cost. On average, you will have to pay about 100-200 EUR. Approximately in the same amount you will be paid for the renewal of the contract for electricity and water.

According to the law, which was adopted several years ago, the seller must pay the tax. This is 15% of the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. It does not matter how long the owner owned the object.

The maintenance of an apartment per year will cost from € 80 to 200. For example, if your complex has surveillance cameras, concierge others - the price becomes the maximum.

Buying an Albanian new building, you will receive an apartment with white painted walls, bathroom fixtures (toilet, bidet, and washbasin), and tiled floors. As our practice shows, even when buying on the secondary market, people prefer options without furniture to make everything themselves.

The average cost of furnishing an apartment that you want to rent will be between 4,000-7,000 EUR for a 100 sqm apartment.

High season in Albania - July and August, in general tourists at the resorts a lot from mid-May to the end of September. In Tirana you can count on a long-term lease.

In our database there are about 2 500 properties all over Albania. For more information please contact:

Century 21 Albania

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