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Erbud continues to work at the Seaside Park in Kołobrzeg

Erbud will carry out finishing works at the "Seaside Park"Hotel and Spa Complex in Kołobrzeg. This is a continuation of the contract concluded in 2016, according to which Erbud has completed the shell and roof.

The value of the annex amounts to PLN 23.3 million, and the total value of the contract has now increased to PLN 77.3 million. The Seaside Park Company with its registered office in Warsaw is the investor.

Under the annex it will be performed comprehensive finishing works, plumbing and HVAC for the “Seaside Park" Hotel and Spa Complex. The deadline for completion is 31 January 2019.

There will be nearly 400 apartments in the Seaside Park. For the investor who owns the Seaside Park Company, Erbud currently carries out two more projects in Warsaw.

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