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Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska has joined Echo Investment

Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska has started working in Echo Investment and was appointed the marketing and communications director. She was earlier working for NEINVER, where she developed and implemented marketing strategies of retail facilities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands.

In Echo Investment Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska will be responsible for the implementation of an integrated marketing strategy for the company and its projects in three market sectors: office, residential and retail. She will be in charge of marketing and PR. The role is strategic important to position Echo even stronger as the leading developer in Poland.

Olejnik-Okuniewska has 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations on the international market of retail facilities. Her tasks at NEINVER, where she worked as the Regional Marketing Director Northern Europe, included: management of international communications expert teams. She was also a spokesperson of the company in Poland. She created the strategy for the FACTORY brand – the most popular chain of outlet centres – nearly from the beginning. She developed and implemented communication in the newly-built Galeria Katowicka including the first integrated transport and shopping centre in the country.

She worked for popular international companies involved in marketing communication, including: McCann Ericsson, D’Arcy and Advanced PR. She is a graduate of journalism at the University of Warsaw with speciality training in media marketing and public relations.

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