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Agnieszka Krzekotowska promoted to partner at Colliers International

Colliers International, a leading advisory company on the commercial real estate market, has announced the promotion of Agnieszka Krzekotowska to the position of partner. Agnieszka will remain director of Real Estate Management Services.

As the director of Real Estate Management Services, Agnieszka leads a team of over 95 experienced professionals and supervises the portfolio of real estate managed by Colliers in Warsaw and regional cities in Poland. Her duties include development of the property management business, including the acquisition of new projects and searching for technologies and solutions to expand the company's current range of services. As a partner, Agnieszka will also be responsible for co-creating the company's strategy.

In 2019, Colliers International took over the management of 14 properties with a total useable area of 200,000 sq m, which increased the company's portfolio to 1,250,000 sq m. The newly acquired properties included office buildings from Szczecin and Łódź, which initiated Colliers' operations in these cities. Last year, as many as 18 new employees joined Agnieszka's team.

“The function of a partner is one of the highest positions in the Colliers’ structure, which we award not only for outstanding business performance, but also for the additional value we bring to the company's development. Agnieszka is an expert with many years of experience. Under her care, Real Estate Management Services is developing in extremely rapidly not only in terms of finances, but also in terms of team involvement. Her promotion to partner is fully deserved, and the energy she will bring to the board will certainly contribute to the development of the entire company,” said Monika Rajska-Wolińska, managing partner of Colliers International in Poland.

“The real estate market is developing and evolving at an enormous pace. We are part of this change and we try to meet new expectations. Our approach and our committed and harmonious team mean that our clients happy to come back with new projects. I look to the future with great curiosity and enthusiasm. Innovative technologies, process automation or new services already help us in the current work of property managers, and further development in this area promises to be very interesting,” said Agnieszka Krzekotowska, partner and director of the Real Estate Management Services at Colliers International.

Agnieszka has been working at Colliers since 2009, from the beginning in Real Estate Management Services. Recently, she has held the position of director responsible for customer relations, and previously she was a property manager. Agnieszka has over 12 years of experience on the commercial real estate market, during which she has cooperated with the largest funds operating on the Polish market, such as: Patrizia, Union Investment, Tristan Capital Partners and Allianz. Since 2015, Agnieszka has been a member of the prestigious Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and a member of its advisory panel in Poland. She is a graduate of the Leadership Academy for Poland.

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